Criminal Law

If you’re facing criminal-related proceedings, you need the best legal representation you can get. The stakes are too high to just immediately settle. You need a skilled criminal defense attorney with a solid reputation and experience handling the type of crime you have been charged. You need a criminal lawyer who will fight for your rights to minimize the consequences you may face. We have a deep rooted commitment to aggressively protecting the rights of the accused.
Being charged with a criminal offense is like being afflicted with a life-altering disease. You must act quickly to get the most competent criminal defense attorney to aggressively defend you until you’re no longer in jeopardy; or if the proof warrants it, minimize the pain of potential jail time or probation you may be facing. 
Municipal and State Courts

Our philosophy is simple. We believe that the best legal defense should be available to everyone, and that knowledge combined with skill and passion, is power. We specialize in proceedings in Union County, but will represent you in any criminal proceeding in the State of New Jersey.
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